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We Are All Followers

We all stand on the shoulders of those who have made the difficult decisions and chosen the narrow way. We have all learned from someone the right way and the wrong way. We all come after those who went before and build on their achievements. Not one of […]

The Old Man On The Hill

Why such a drastic response as calling down fire from heaven and destroying 102 soldiers who were following orders? Why did the old man not just go straight down to the king and deliver his message in the first place? The answer to these questions lies at the very beginning of the story that I have not mentioned yet. You see, the king had fallen through the roof of his house and been injured and became very ill. He was worried that he may be near death and sent messengers out to inquire from seers and sorcerers if he would live or die. The old man on the hill met the messengers on their way and gave them a message to bring back to the king: is there not a God in your own realm that you need to seek wisdom from other gods in other kingdoms?…

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Daily Thankful

I promise to take the time each day to remember something specific and different, and offer a prayer of thankfulness to God for His continued faithfulness in my life.

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