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The Essence of Christmas

There is a phrase that has become quite common in today’s culture when people talk about their experiences. It usually ends with something like, “…this is my truth” or “…they spoke their truth” or “…they have the right to own their truth”. Their truth…hmm…as if truth is relative […]

Let There Be Light

The lights of the season are slowly appearing around our neighborhood and along our city streets.  Just here and there for now but in a few short days, most every house will be lit by a tree in the window or sparkling lights on the eaves.  There are […]

Give Or Take

There have been a couple of thoughts rattling around my mind the last few weeks; a set of ideas that I can’t seem to shake and am still not sure if I have figured out. Christmas is fast approaching and the age old tradition of giving gifts has […]

Thankful Giving

With all the stores and advertisers already screaming ‘the holidays are coming!’ I thought I would try to bring a bit of focus to the real reason we celebrate over the next couple of months. The Thanksgiving and Christmas season is the perfect time to sort through the […]

A Season Beyond

With the trees near peak color here in mid-Michigan and the grasses in the fields brown and spent, it is almost impossible not to think of things that have passed or are passing.  It would be easy to sit and think about all of the losses and struggles […]

The Rusty Old Nail

I lifted my hands to my face and leaned my head back rubbing tears out of my eyes, dreading the sound of little feet running down the hall in rapt expectation. Through my fingers I caught a glimpse of something high up in the brightly lit branches of the tree. I stood up and noticed an ornament that I had not seen before with a bright little gold card attached with a red ribbon. I took a few steps forward and leaned in to see what it was – a long rusty old nail. Real tears began to flow as I realized that not all of the gifts had been taken away. I reached out my trembling fingers, opened the little card and read….

It’s Your Choice

We have all been each of these people at one time or another. I know I have leapt for joy in one moment and then scoffed in disbelief in another. I have been obedient and then refused to give up control. I have read many books, given in to fears, ignored the obvious, and even seen an angel. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about and would have your own stories of encounter and what choice you made in that moment. “We all, like sheep, have gone astray”. Christmas is a time for coming back; a time for believing the impossible. A gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger offering salvation for all who would believe…sounds incredible; unbelievable…it’s your choice, what are you going to do?

All Part of the Plan

The little inn had filled up by mid-day and soon the patrons would be clamoring for food and drink. The master of the house had already used up what was in the house and had begun to take from the stores in the shed out back. There wasn’t much left, but he put what he could in a small box and set it by the door of the shed. He had also found some bits of cloth but they were not nearly big enough to be of any use to his guests so he just left them on the shelf. He then went over to milk the cow one more time. She was not very happy about it. The first chance she had she gave a swift kick just missing the master’s chin and knocking over the bucket in the process. He patted her side and spoke kind words hoping she would understand. She had made her point, and then gave a little more and went back to chewing…

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