Moving Mountains

I have heard over the years that we should “dream big dreams” and “believe for great things”. I agree we need to have hope for our future and press on toward the goal, but we also need to find peace in the present and release from the past. Carrying age-old hurts and battles around weighs us down and they are a constant distraction from the big dreams and great things that we are called to. Letting go, however, is often much more difficult than we think and moving on means leaving some things behind – you can never take it all with you...

The Low Point

It was a very rare form of lung cancer. Mine was only the second case they had seen in the last ten years at Marquette General.  Slow growing and non-invasive but cancer just the same.  No Chemotherapy, no radiation, just resection. Because of where it was they had to remove the entire lower lobe of... Continue Reading →

Missing Pieces

When I was a kid, we had in our kitchen a drawer full of random stuff. Odds and ends, things that were not used very often or half used but might be needed again someday. We called it our “junk drawer”. If someone was looking for something we would always tell them to check in the junk drawer and very often the needed thing would be found there. I have a similar box in my garage for odd screws, nails, fasteners of all kinds. I’ll often sift through it when I need a certain size or type of screw or nail and I will usually find it in there somewhere. I’m sure we all have these kinds of treasure troves of useful items that we keep for that time when we just might need that missing piece...

Set Apart

As with most holidays, commercialism has completely taken over. Look Here! Buy This! Go There! Buy That! You Need It…NOW!! All of it would never be enough and there seems to be a never-ending supply of stuff you just must have. As the teacher would say in Ecclesiastes, it is all a chasing after the... Continue Reading →

Let Healing Begin

No matter the hurt, we must learn to let forgiveness do its work. Yup, there it is – Forgiveness. The word that many use but few ever master…myself included. Is it an action? Is it a feeling? Is it just something you believe? Does saying the words, “I forgive you” mean they’re forgiven? Why does it still hurt? Why should I let them off the hook? I’m not going to claim here that I know definitively the answer to any of those questions…I’m not sure if any of us really can this side of Heaven. There is an intangible quality to the process of forgiveness. Something in the idea that says, ‘don’t touch’ or ‘leave it alone now’...but we always want to take it back, pry it open, just to see...

Spring Thaw

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day when I was young was to grab a shovel and go outside to make little rivers from one puddle to the next on our long driveway. We lived way out in the country on a little traveled dirt road and our driveway was about a quarter mile long. Rain in the spring was always the best since it helped to melt the snow making longer and wider puddles. Some were more like little ponds than mere puddles. I would put my boots on and my jacket and cap and go out in the rain, digging trenches from one puddle to the next all the way down the driveway. Sometimes I’d make a dam of mud and gravel here or there to make my own puddles or put smaller pieces of gravel or sticks in the stream pretending they were rapids or waterfalls. Often, if it wasn’t too cold out, I would take the time to find some old blocks of wood and some matchbox cars and make a small little town of sorts near the end of the driveway along the mighty river I had just created and then run back up the driveway and break the tiny dams I had made and watch the water rush down and demolish the tiny town I had created...

Roots of Division

There have been some thoughts rambling around my mind for the last few weeks. It started when my son asked me one day, “Why are there so many different churches if we all love Jesus?” should I answer this one? I thought for a minute and had a conversation with him about the difference between using his name and following him and how many in the world today will say they’re Christian but their life does not demonstrate that they do. Then I told him that people worship and come to the Lord in many different ways. Some churches are quiet and reserved and others are booming with music and choirs and dynamic speakers and people who like it one way or the other typically get together and over time different churches have come about simply because of preferences...

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