Love Mercy

Why? Why should I go above and beyond what justice demands? Why would I allow myself to be vulnerable to the hurt and pain and anger again? Why would I put myself at risk again?

Do Justly

When our feelings are hurt or when we are slighted, emotions rise to the surface and sway us into a mindset that desires the offender to feel the same kind of pain as we do…so now we are both hurting. There must be someone above all the fray, to see clearly the wrong done and the payment due. There must be an Authority who makes the rules and dishes out the penance.

Turning Pages

It has taken me quite some time to realize there is nothing I can do to make things happen in the way I want them to or hold back the turning of the pages of life…all is in His hands and it is my choice to surrender now and follow His leading…

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Driving Thought

Consider This . . .

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Regular Pastor

Following Jesus, Leading His Church

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Daily Thankful

I promise to take the time each day to remember something specific and different, and offer a prayer of thankfulness to God for His continued faithfulness in my life.

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Finding Clear and Simple Faith

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