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First Christmas

We always had a freshly cut Christmas tree. As a kid growing up on a farm with a lot of land in the U.P. of Michigan, trees were plentiful.  Of […]

Moments Matter

Moments are fleeting and finite. Most we let pass by without too much notice as the hands on the clock sweep into history the minutes and seconds. We are passing […]

One Gift

If you had one gift to give, what would it be? A new car…new house…vacation…or something else tangible? Maybe kindness or forgiveness or understanding…something more ethereal and thoughtful? Perhaps you’d […]

First Vacation (two)

While the air between us was much clearer, the Southern August air was not. Driving through North and South Carolina was sweltering. The cooler mountain air of the Smokies had […]

First Vacation (one)

We had been married for just over a year and had recently found out that we were expecting our first child in the spring. It was mid-August and we had […]

When The Spinning Stops

When we are young we feel we have the world on a string. We have everything and everyone we know on a string and we fling them back and forth, […]

Mackinac Island – Another World

This trip was long overdue. I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Keweenaw Peninsula to be exact, almost as far north as you can get. I now live in […]

Willing to Wait

Waiting has never been one of my best abilities.  I can quickly get irritated waiting in the grocery store line or at the DMV or at the doctor’s office.  The […]


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