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In The Wilds

For many years I just believed what someone told me was true, especially if that someone was in a position of authority over me. I heard the rhetoric, took it in, and towed the line on so many issues thinking that they must know more and I should […]

Consider The Cost

It was a very chilly 23 degrees here in the middle of Michigan this morning, bringing with it the first real frost of the season. It kind of puts one in an autumn mood – you want to go shuffling through piles of leaves as the cool breeze […]

Watchers In The Wings

I have heard over the years that we should “dream big dreams” and “believe for great things”. I have heard people say that we ought to claim things that are not as though they are and in doing so we give God the opportunity to perform miracles. In essence, if we set a huge goal that we could never possibly attain, then it obligates God to act. I don’t think this is what the Bible is talking about. God is far from obligated to do anything more than He already has on our behalf…He has already done, provided, given, and sacrificed everything for us. I don’t believe that the Good Lord would have us sit back and shout out wants, desires, and demands while He does the heavy lifting…that cross was heavy enough…

Our Table

I have argued at a table and found common ground. I have belly-laughed to tears and then through those tears laughed even more. Other tears around a table have not been so pleasant but brought on by pain and heartache, fear and regret. I have made grand plans around a table and then wondered at mediocre success. I have joined hands in prayer, watched as Bibles were opened, then been amazed by a gracious God as he opens each one’s eyes to truth we had not seen before…

Changing Seasons

There are also seasons of our lives, much like the seasons of the year. There are warm, growing spring times when everything seems new and fresh and we are eager to reach higher with every warm ray from the sun or raindrop from the sky. Then there are long hot summers spent basking in the blessings, nurturing the newly sprouted vines and waiting for the harvest. The autumn is spent bringing in that harvest that we diligently planted in the spring and tended throughout the summer, storing it neatly and properly so that it can be used throughout the cold, dark winter. Then the winter comes and we huddle close for warmth and remember the seasons past and pray for blessing in seasons to come…

The Old Shack

It was great having this getaway, but with only one small window I could not see the view of the river unless I was standing right in front of it, so I decided a few modifications were in order. I gathered what tools I had – an old hammer, a can of rusty bent nails, and a hand saw – and tore the entire front of the little old shack off. I scrounged up some old lumber from some of the other out buildings we had and even found some old windows in the back of one of them. I built a platform onto the front, put walls up and extended the roof, then put all the windows that would fit into the walls and boarded up any remaining space. It looked like something a 12-year-old first time builder would build…rickety and rackety, wonky and a little wobbly – not exactly what I had envisioned but the best I could do with the three tools I had…


Renovating is not unlike a Christian’s life. The Good Lord purchased the property and the Holy Spirit moves in. He takes a look around and starts making plans about what needs to be done. It is often uncomfortable while the work is being done…we feel grungy and dirty all the time as decades old dust settles everywhere till the project is complete. We may not like all of the changes, but like any General Contractor, he is the one in charge and we are sub-contractors…tearing out, cleaning up, and putting on the finishes so that He can have a proper place to dwell…..


So often we jump into something without really thinking it through. We fly on the wings of emotion and conjure up imaginary scenarios of how it will be, then when we finally get there we find holes and cracks and mismatched pieces held together with little more than Elmer’s glue…fodder for the workshop bonfire.

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