Spring Rains

What I wouldn’t give for a good spring down-pour! I’d give even more to hear a rumble in the sky and see a flash or two of lightening. The puddle jumper inside of me is drying out and gasping for just one drop of fresh, spring, heaven-sent rain! You just might catch this Finn dancing when it finally does, (probably not…)

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day when I was young was to grab a shovel and go outside to make little rivers from one puddle to the next on our long driveway. We lived way out in the country on a little traveled dirt road and our driveway was about a quarter mile long. Rain in the spring was always the best since it helped to melt the snow making longer and wider puddles. Some were more like little ponds than mere puddles. I would put my boots on and my jacket and cap and go out in the rain, digging trenches from one puddle to the next all the way down the driveway. Sometimes I’d make a dam of mud and gravel here or there to make my own puddles or put smaller pieces of gravel or sticks in the stream pretending they were rapids or waterfalls. Often, if it wasn’t too cold out, I would take the time to find some old blocks of wood and some matchbox cars and make a small little town of sorts near the end of the driveway along the mighty river I had just created and then run back up the driveway and break the tiny dams I had made and watch the water rush down and demolish the tiny town I had created.

This was just my way of making a chore more fun. You see, what I was really supposed to be doing is making ways to get the water into the ditch so the driveway would dry out faster. This was important because often our driveway would often become impassable during the spring thaw and we would have to park our cars near the road and walk to the house carrying whatever groceries or necessities we had. A quarter mile is a long way to walk back and forth and the sooner the drive would dry out the sooner we could use it again. We often used a sled or wagon, but we would still have to make several trips. So while I was supposed to be making ways for the puddles to drain off of the driveway, I was really creating a river-world rife with tiny towns, rushing rapids, deep and wide puddle oceans, and tiny stick canoes. Eventually I would get to doing what I was supposed to be doing and the puddles would end up being nothing more than drying lakebeds with half buried matchbox cars and blocks of wood. I’d clean these up and then impatiently wait for the next deluge. It was great, good fun…

What I wouldn’t give for a good downpour right about now…(sigh)

Author: Erick

Christian husband and dad, former pastor and Academic Advisor, enjoy camping, carpentry, writing, driving...oh..and LOVE rainy days!

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