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Moments Matter

Moments are fleeting and finite. Most we let pass by without too much notice as the hands on the clock sweep into history the minutes and seconds. We are passing through this current of time and most often do not pay any attention, other than to look back and wonder where it all went and how we could have missed so much. Moments matter…and many are wasted.

I’m not talking about those big things that we’ve all experienced. I remember very clearly everything about the moment my mom and dad, brother and sister died. I can describe when my kids were born. I can detail for you the day I proposed to my wife and our wedding day. The time I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior is forever seared on my memory. These and many other moments in my life have become markers for me that signify major changes in direction or understanding or belief. That is why I remember them so clearly; my world was shaken, and I was forever different from each of those moments on. I know you have your big moments as well and you just now may have thought of one or two. These moments matter.

But there are those moments beyond these that in some ways matter more. It is one thing to turn a corner, take the plunge, or tie the knot but it is another thing to take that next step and begin to walk out that change. I am a Christian, husband, dad, and brother and many other things to many other people. These are positions I hold, but how do I be those things? What do I do or say or feel as I live out the experience that made me those things? The moments that matter are in the doing. Reading my Bible when I don’t feel like it; having dinner around the table as a family at the same time…every night; being silly with my son and patient with my daughter; holding my wife’s hand for no reason and smiling when I’m sad because I believe things will get better even though in this moment they are awful. These are the small moments that validate the changes wrought in the big events. These are the moments that are often not remembered or counted or seen, but define who we are and who we will become.

These moments matter. They are not insignificant. They engender trust, build integrity, and prove love. Time is the currency of life and moments are the pennies we spend. There is no Bank of Time where we can open a savings account or ask for a loan or apply for a credit card. There is only the here and right now moment that we have to spend. You can’t hold onto it and spend it later and you can’t make it last any longer. It is here right now…and then it is gone…and you can’t get it back.

What will you do with your right now moment?

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