One Gift

If you had one gift to give, what would it be? A new car…new house…vacation…or something else tangible? Maybe kindness or forgiveness or understanding…something more ethereal and thoughtful? Perhaps you’d go with the proverbial socks or mittens or fruitcake – you know, that thing you pick up at the corner store on your way because you need to have something to give and that’s all they had. I understand…I’ve been there and bought that for them without much thought…

My wife and I have come to that place after nearly 25 years of marriage where we seem to have given each other everything and are at a loss to find something important and memorable and meaningful to give. Sometimes we just buy something together that we both want and call it a gift to each other from the other and then just fill a stocking with trinkets and candy for Christmas morning. It works…but I miss the mystery – I miss the look of surprise and the smirk that says, ‘you know me so well’. I miss the dance around the secret as they shake the gift, feel it for weight, measure for size and guess that it must be either a necklace or a pressure cooker…or anything in between.

Gifts should mean something. They should make a statement about the relationship between the giver and receiver. The best gifts show that you know and are known…that you understand and are understood…that you are important, have value…are worth the cost in treasure and time and sacrifice. A gift should be your absolute best given without expectation and without regret. Even a dime store chocolate rose on your way out of the store can convey deep sentiment if it is the very best you can do. I have given something very small out of my own need for the benefit of someone in greater need and been more satisfied that a king giving a jewel to his queen.

There is one gift that fills a heart. A gift that creates courage and strength and vision. A gift that cannot be boxed or wrapped or held for long but must be set free. A gift that requires faith to activate, trust to pursue, and produces joy when spent. We can give it, share it, spend it, and waste it if we’re not careful with it. It is available to any and all and was given to everyone at great cost without expectation, without regret, and out of greater love. Just what am I talking about? You may have already guessed…

HOPE…receive it and give it this year because we all need it…

Author: Erick

Christian husband and dad, former pastor and Academic Advisor, enjoy camping, carpentry, writing, driving...oh..and LOVE rainy days!

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