Rain In Heaven

Those that know me well know I would much prefer a rainy day over a sunny day any day.  I know this is a bit strange but there are some reasons behind it. 

First and foremost, I was saved on a rainy day…well, it didn’t start out raining but after I prayed my prayer and came out of the most profound experience of my life, (that is another story), and stepped outside…it was raining.  I have never smelled the air so clean or felt so fresh and free in my entire life.  I know my emotions had much more to do with the experience that I had just gone through, but the rain on my face is the first thing I remember afterward, and has stayed with me since.  There has been nothing in this world that has come close to what I felt when those raindrops hit my face that day.

Another memory that is embedded in my mind are the many camping trips our family took when I was young.  We would usually be gone for a week at a time and camped in one of those big old canvas tents that always has that packed, musty smell…no matter how long you let it air out.  That aroma was especially strong after a rain.  Camping trips are some of my fondest memories of childhood.  I loved riding in the car…I got to sit in the front and my 3 sisters always had to sit in the back. The view from the front seat was amazing – all the new and interesting places and never really knowing what was around the next bend in the road.  We’d finally arrive at a packed campground, (my dad never made reservations so we rarely got to choose a site…we got what was left over), and all kinds of different people milling about and the smells of campfires and hot dogs and hamburgers being burned…and the packed, musty smell of our old canvas tent that had been rained on the night before but hadn’t dried out yet.  Love that smell…

Driving home today I caught a quick glimpse of a rainbow.  Fall is in full swing here in mid-Michigan so sun-showers are common.  It was in one of those quick autumn rain showers that the promise revealed itself….that is what rainbows are – promises.  It got me feeling a bit nostalgic about people and places I’ve been and how my most precious memories often involve rain…and how much I love the rain.  I think we all have these kinds of signposts on our journeys.  For me it is rain…for you it may be butterflies or bugs, breezes or beaches.  That thing that reminds you that you are on a path and that it is leading somewhere important…somewhere just for you.  It reminds you that just because you may not feel any different or your circumstances may not have changed, there is that recollection of where you have been and how far you really have come…and encourages you to take one more step…and then another.

I hope there’s a special place in heaven where it rains…that would be a beautiful place!

Author: Erick

Christian husband and dad, former pastor and Academic Advisor, enjoy camping, carpentry, writing, driving...oh..and LOVE rainy days!

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