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After 11 years of commuting about an hour one way to work, we decided to put our house up for sale last November. We didn’t have much hope of it selling very quickly being the beginning of winter in Michigan but we thought we’d test the market and at least get an idea of what buyers were looking for and what we could improve for the market in the spring. We received an offer after 8 days on the market and closed on the house in the beginning of December…completely unexpected but one thing we have noticed over the years is when the Good Lord begins to move, He moves quickly. We moved into an apartment half the size of our house only 2 miles from the hospital where my wife works. Small but convenient and within reach of anything we might want or need.

With half of our stuff in a storage unit and only what we needed in the apartment we began our search for a place to plant ourselves. We have moved 10 times in the 24 years we have been married and were more than ready to sit and stay somewhere. We knew we wanted land with a decent house. We were not too keen on the idea of another fixer-upper – have done that 3 times, fixed a house up only to sell it for someone else to enjoy. In late February we found the perfect place on 10 acres, made an offer and began the closing process. Then the chaos that 2020 will forever be known for began. We did not close on the house till the beginning of May. On Wednesday, May 13th we had everything moved in, the storage unit emptied, sat on our new front porch and watched a beautiful sunset…and breathed fresh, clean, country air again!

On Saturday it began to rain…by Sunday flash flood warnings were issued…Monday afternoon power went out.

Nearly all the bridges in the area were closed. Many roads were closed or blocked off. Monday evening was spent in my truck using the navigation to guide my wife home from work. What was usually a 20 minute drive took nearly an hour and a half getting around all the closed roads. The water was everywhere!

Then the dams broke…

You may recall on the news the dam failure reports in Michigan last May. Those dams were in the back yard of our new house…not even a mile away. For us it meant a flooded field and nearly over run driveway and loss of power for about 3 days. For others it meant much worse. The sound of the emergency alerts coming over the cell phone at all hours of the day and night sends shivers down one’s spine wondering what could be happening next. We were in an unfamiliar house in an unfamiliar location with everything around us falling apart…fear was definitely knocking on our door. I must confess, I did give in to it a couple of times after being woken by the emergency alerts – breathless and wondering if we needed to evacuate.

By Tuesday evening the rain stopped. The reservoirs were empty leaving a moonscape of long dead stumps and debris…broken homes…broken lives. I don’t know why we were spared. Of all the houses we could have bought it was this one, in this spot, at this time that the Good Lord lead us to. The apartment we had been in just a couple weeks earlier was evacuated and flooded as was the storage unit our stuff was in. All I can say is God’s timing is perfect and his grace unending. He is never late to act, never too busy to be where you are, always a very present help in times of trouble. Heartache and sorrow come to us all and there is no promise given that we will be spared from them. The promise is that we will be carried through. The promise is that we will never be left alone or forsaken. The promise is that what was meant to destroy us can in time become our greatest testimony.

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