Christian Living

Long Cold Winter

The ground is white with snow again today, as it has been for the past several weeks. March in Michigan typically means longer days warming the wanting ground and stirring waiting roots.  Not this year…the winter air is cold and crisp and the morning sky steel blue.  This year’s melt will be a long one! The trees are all sleeping and the ground is hard with layers of ice beneath the deceptive snow. Winter’s grip is showing no signs of loosening.  All on the surface is frozen and stoic like a statue in a long forgotten cemetery.  But even now there is life…

Deep beneath the frozen ground – among the cracks and crevices of the frozen soils and the deep set roots of towing trees above, there is life.  Not a life that is moving or active in any way, but a kinetic life; a life stored up and nursed far beneath the blankets of white.  There, in the darkest depths of frozen soil, is the potential for growth in the many roots and bulbs and tubers buried in the dirt of my gardens…and also in the soil of my soul.

You are not alone. Many of us who once had thriving roots have gone dormant, left cold and hard and wearied by wounds that have never really healed – merely frozen over. Time passes and we learn to bury our soul and fashion a face to wear for those we fear. We play hide but never seek – why look for something you will never find or reach beyond your grasp?

I have been in this place…more than once. Depression is a terrible overlord. You feel drained and numb and fog surrounds your waking eyes. There is hope! I believe – just as there is life in the frozen winter ground coming alive with the warmer days of spring, so your soul will burst forth with life as the rays of the Son melt the icy grip of fear and shame and doubt.  There is life inside! There is passion and compassion, joy and laughter and love!  There is freedom within and safety without! Life is just near the surface, waiting for that first breath of warm spring air. It will happen – Spring really is on its way!

When the Son shines…soak it in!

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