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I Surrender

The very best advice I could possibly give you is: give up already!

I’ve spent much of the last few days trying to write something that would be encouraging for those of you who made resolutions for 2019. Something sentimental for those who need to be reminded of what we accomplished in 2018 and how we have gown. I’ve scrapped several beginnings  about me and the things I’ve been through and what I am looking forward to…that seemed a bit too self-serving. I’ve tried to write about what is important when planning for the future but I kept hitting a wall of unknowns and maybes and what ifs. I tried to write down encouraging quotes and phrases that might help those who have begun a new challenge in this new year, but it all came out cliché and sappy. This is at least my 8th attempt at something profound and memorable, and the very best thing I can come up with is “Give up!”

Wait a minute?!…That doesn’t sound right…did I forget a word in that familiar phrase? Ah, yes…I should have written, “Don’t give up!”…right? I mean, we need to be willing to put in all the effort we can in accomplishing our goals and pursuing our dreams, right? We are all told to not quit and to keep pushing and press on, especially when the going gets tough. You can do it! You’re almost there! Just one…more…step… Then, here comes a wannabe writer and mediocre blogger telling whoever reads to just chuck it all and give up already.

Yes, this is exactly what I’m saying…give up!

Most of us have convinced ourselves that we can do anything. If we work hard enough, run fast enough, eat right, give enough, live, laugh, and love more, whatever we set our mind to can be accomplished. While this often may be true, I do not believe it is entirely by our power and determination.  There is a power at work in each of our lives that motivates and moves us. There is something that keeps us breathing while we sleep and keeps our hearts beating. We were not created to do anything…we were created to do something. All too often we find things to do that we want or are convinced we need to do. In reality, there is a plan in place for each of us and a desire in each of us to do that something we were created to do. We have been knit together for a purpose and each of our days has been numbered. The only way to discover that plan is to give up…surrender to the Creator’s will in our lives.

All things are possible…with God. Everything I have done, am doing, and will do is simply because the Good Lord has empowered me. He has given me tools and abilities, provided me with a body to use them, and put me in a place where they are needed. Imagine what might happen if I finally surrendered their use to him instead of trying to use them for my own will and purposes. Imagine what might happen if I said the words, “not my will but yours be done” and then stepped out in faith as he led the way. What if I gave it all back to him…my talents, abilities, wants, needs, desires, gifts, dreams and goals…what if I gave up…what if you gave up?

What if 2019 is the year we all finally give up?

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