Feast For The Eyes

In my home state of Michigan, we have this little event called the NAIAS, North American International Auto Show…aka, the Detroit Auto Show. So, we took a little day trip to the Motor City.

We drove nearly 4 hours for what is typically a 3 hour drive because there just happened to be a snow storm blowing through Michigan and this was the only day we could go. We bundled up, put the truck in 4-wheel drive and braved the elements for what was sure to be an amazing display of creativity, ingenuity, technology, and spectacle! We were not disappointed…

Lights! Cameras! Action everywhere! We entered the arena and were immediately bombarded with sights and sounds we were barely able to take in. We stood near the entrance not quite knowing where to begin or what to do with all the commotion. We are so comfortable with out quite country life that the level of sensory overload, on a normal day, would cause us to turn tail and run for the nearest exit! We took a collective breath and began…we did not just drive through Detroit in a snow storm to walk away now. With Lincoln and Cadillac vying for our attention with their barkers in suits ahead and Volkswagen and Infinity on either side, we made our way through the maze or metal and rubber. A feast for the eyes of shiny new people movers with open doors to sit in and get a feel for. We really came to see Ford’s display since we are planning on purchasing in the spring and wanted to get a look at the new Ranger. I’m not sure if it will fit my needs…I’m still leaning toward the F-150…but my wife liked it so…?

You really do have to be a lover of cars to fully engage in the experience and understand what it means to the auto industry. This is their annual opus…their dreams on display…their mike-drop moments after years of planning. I do appreciate the creativity and engineering involved in what was on display, and I do love driving. I cannot imagine the hours, weeks, months, years of dedication and commitment it takes to produce at this level! It was an amazing experience, but after a couple of hours of wandering about amazed at our surroundings we headed for the exit…and the drive back home through the snow storm. We saw what we came to see, had the t-shirts to prove it, and the memories of a great family day to hold on to…who could ask for more?

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  1. Both my kids, 13 and 11, love the auto show that comes to Toronto in early February…similar like the Detroit one, and also very large. Two years ago we left the venue and it occurred to me that we only saw about half the show after 6 hours. 6! It’s amazing though, right?

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