Christian Living

Let There Be Light

The lights of the season are slowly appearing around our neighborhood and along our city streets.  Just here and there for now but in a few short days, most every house will be lit by a tree in the window or sparkling lights on the eaves.  There are some early bird decorators around, but it won’t belong and most will be heralding the Christmas season.  As we approach this main event, let us not forget to give thanks on this day and right our hearts in preparation to receive the gift and the promise of Christmas.

I imagine the first few Thanksgivings and the light that must have shone.  I imagine a bonfire of sorts at night with the town’s people gathered around for warmth and fellowship with their new-found friends – and later to return to their candle lit homes that were little more than sheds.  Even in their meager surroundings, they were thankful. I cannot imagine the fear and uncertainty they must have felt in that first cold November is this strange new world. The light that flickered from their huddled homes has reached across the generations, reminding us that there are reasons to be thankful: freedom from tyranny, safety from the brutal winter, the warmth of family and new found friends, the freedom to worship, the grace and mercy of a loving God – that is why they came to these shores.

There is a new world coming.  A world where there is freedom from the tyranny of sin and shame, and where there is safety from the cold shoulder of apathy.  There is a world filled with the warmth of The One closer than any brother or friend, and a world where the freedom to worship is guaranteed.  the Good Lord has always been lighting the way to this world, from the very dawn of creation with his words “Let there be Light!”  From the darkness on the face of the deep back then, to the darkness on that Bethlehem night, to the darkness of three nights in the tomb, to the darkness in the heart of a man; so it has been and so it will always be…

Where there is light, darkness flees!

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