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The Long Turn

I feel like a corner is being turned. For most of my adult life and especially the last 22 years of married life, God has usually been quick to move. Change has happened on a dime and the challenge has been keeping up with the twists and turns. This time, however, seems to have been a months long curve. I sometimes feel like my wheels are wearing thin on the in-turn side and worry that when the road finally straightens I’ll be a little wobbly and wonky and have to get new tires. It has taken an emotional toll, a financial toll, and drained our energy. I believe there is one last sharp corner coming up and I’m just praying I’m going fast enough to make it around safely but not too fast that I veer off into the wilderness.

My job as an Academic Advisor over the past 4 years has been a valuable learning experience, but in recent months has become more and more difficult to enjoy. I have been looking for other opportunities and have had some interviews, but nothing has seemed like the right move. As I’ve written before, the Good Lord always and only ever has 3 answers to our questions: Yes, No…and Not Yet. The Not Yet is the most difficult to deal with. I have another interview this week and have hopes that this time I will hear the Yes…I hope…

There have been some constants – some solid foundations to ground me and hold me and keep me moving forward. Jesus has never left my side…even though I whine and complain and walk away at times…he is truly a very present help in all times of need, always drawing me back to his side; never pushing me to places he has not already prepared for me. My wife has been my most willing partner and ever present encourager – I do not know if I could live my life without her. Another constant has been this blog. I am not much of a talker. I’m an introvert and am very uncomfortable in crowds. I’m usually not the first to speak and prefer to think through things before sharing. Writing here has allowed me to do that: get out what is bottled up inside in a way that is constructive for me and hopefully useful to those who read and follow.

To add to the long corner being turned, Micah68Life is one year old this week! 106 posts, 246 pics in the gallery, 75 followers, 57 comments, 1445 views from 688 visitors! I know these are not big numbers, but for me they are an encouragement to keep writing because people are reading…and I hope being encouraged. Maybe someday I’ll have a roaring web presence but for now this is just fine. I will be making a few changes and updates. This Sojourner’s Path page will be removed – the last vestige of a previous blog…you might want to click over there before it is gone?!  I’m working on increasing my Instagram and Twitter presence as well so, if you have a chance, click on the links at the top see what is going on there. Here on Micah68life I’ll keep doing what I have been doing – sharing my stories and my thoughts and the lessons I have learned in my Christian walk…Thank you all for reading and following this far…I really do appreciate your time!

…Will let you all know when the corner is turned…

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  1. Great post Erick. Congrats on your one year anniversary and please keep the posts coming. I find your blog to be down to earth and filled with information I can use and be encouraged by.

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