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My wife and I spent this weekend visiting my son at Michigan Tech. He has been away at school now for 6 weeks and we had a free weekend so decided to make a quick trip. While I do love rainy days, I would have preferred some sunshine to highlight the fantastic colors. Things don’t always go as we plan…in fact they rarely do no matter how much we may try to convince ourselves that we are the author of our lives. There is a plan and purpose for each of us and surrendering is the only real thing we can do.

It is not a blind surrender. It is not a chance taken on a whim. It is not a “let’s try this now and see how it goes…and if it doesn’t turn out then oh well”. There is clear evidence throughout the Bible that we are not alone, we are not forgotten, we are never left without hope. Noah, David, Solomon, Ruth, Lot, each of the 12 Apostles, the thieves on the crosses and so many others give witness to the fact that there is a creator who has a plan for each and every life – including mine and yours – for our benefit and his glory.

There is a constant reaching for our hearts from the creator of the universe and an unending cry from the Father for us to return to our childhood. A return to the time when we would hold the hand and walk beside, never letting go and ever ready to jump into his arms should fear or doubt or trouble come along. We are to grow up in him…not apart from him. He does not ever send us away to toughen our resolve and become independent. His desire is to go there with us…even before us…to prepare in advance the plan he has for us to step into – in his time.

These are the thoughts that have been rambling around my head for the past few weeks. What is the plan for my son’s and daughter’s lives? What new plans does he have for my wife and I? Should we move or stay or wait? Should I keep writing and if so for what purpose? The road ahead seems unclear at the moment with so many changes happening at once. For 22 years our focus and primary purpose has been raising our two kids with the foundation they will need to build their own relationships with Christ and those they surround themselves with. What now?

In all honesty, we did not just go up to visit my son for the weekend. I think my wife and I each needed to know that the place we call home is still there. I think we needed to take that hand and hold on tight to something familiar and foundational in our lives. We needed to connect with the time and place where his plan for us began – to remind us that we are not off track, merely turning a corner.



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  1. Well Erick, I for one hope you never stop writing. You never know who needs to hear what the Lord has placed upon your heart. Like this post,you can’t know how much I needed to hear these words of hope.

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