Christian Living

All We Really Need

It began with the sound of gentle rain on the roof. At about one in the morning it stirred my slumber and I woke as the soft pitter-patter became a drenching downpour. I listened as it washed away the hot summer dust and gave new hope to thirsty roots begging for one more long drink before their winter sleep. Perhaps it was a waking dream or just my imagination painting a picture, but I could see the water as it flowed through the soil caressing every root and tuber and bulb and each on lapping up every last drop. That is all they really need; just a taste of fresh water filtering through once dry and dusty dirt. This is all any of us really need.

As I laid in bed and listened I heard another sound. It was distant and deep like the sound of gravity, if gravity has a sound, causing you to quiet your soul, humble your heart, and bend your knees. Announced by bursts of brilliant light, the thunder rolled and rumbled, low and long and louder with each flash. The rain intensified, the lightning lit up the sky, as the clapping and crashing thunder neared. The storm was approaching and I lay in my bed quietly listening as this late summer storm rolled in.

What began as a gentle sound that stirred my sleep soon became a cacophony of light, roaring thunder, whistling wind, and pouring rain. Gentle rumbles soon became bone shaking bellows in low tones, thudding and thumping through the walls, rattling the roof and windows as the waves of sound moved through the air. I imagine the ground shook as well, loosening the soil for the falling rain to seep in and nourish the thirsty roots. Each flash of light showed the way for the water, each gust of wind a breath of fresh air, and every rumble breaking up the ground a little more as the water filled the empty spaces.

Soon the storm moved on to wake and water other waiting lands. I turned on my side and pulled the covers up under my chin and drifted back to sleep thinking…maybe dreaming…of what it would be like to be in one of those garden beds that the storm had just rolled over.

This is all any of us really need…


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