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What Love Is

Being in love is a wonderful thing, but sooner or later the butterflies and rainbows flit and fade and we are left with a few choices. Feelings will not carry us through the next 20, 30, or 50 years, but a real understanding of what real love is may. Love is a choice you make each and every day in all circumstances. It is not something someone can force you into or something that can be manufactured. It is not a feeling. Yes there are emotions we attach to events and people and we call that ‘feeling’ love, but that is just our way of trying to attach a name to something that is beyond our ability to understand. Love is a choice…and it is not always an easy one to make. This is what love is, (and the choices we often make):

  • It is patient, (I can’t wait any longer…)
  • It is kind, (I’m feeling really grumpy today!)
  • It does not envy, (I really want what they have…)
  • It does not boast, (look how much I have!)
  • It is not proud, (I am so much better than they are!)
  • It is not rude, (get out of my way!!)
  • It is not self-seeking, (me first! me first!)
  • It is not easily angered, (count to one…then explode!)
  • It keeps no record of wrong, (I’ll forgive…but I’ll never forget!)
  • It does not delight in evil, (what goes around comes around…that’s what I say!)
  • It rejoices in the truth, (no one will ever find out…)
  • It always protects, (you’re on your own now…I’m done!)
  • It always hopes, (nothing will ever change…so why bother?)
  • It always perseveres, (I just can’t do it anymore…I give up!)
  • It never fails, (good riddance to bad rubbish!)

That is quite the list and each of them presents us with a choice. If we’re honest, I think all too often we choose the latter… (I know I have.) True love is demonstrated when we choose to be patient and kind. It is seen in contentment and shown when we share what we have been given rather than keeping it for ourselves. Love does not push others aside so we can get there first and it does not pop off when we are the one who is pushed aside. Real love has a very short memory and takes no pleasure in someone else’s troubles. True love knows that freedom is found when truth is revealed and therefore has a reason to rejoice. Love says I won’t let anything hurt you, things will get better, and I won’t give up on you!

The best and most perfect example of  love was lifted high for all the world to see.

True love said, “It is finished!”

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