Christian Living

No Escape

There are seasons of our lives that are just the pits and there is nothing anyone can do or say to make things better. There is no turning back because circumstances have destroyed the path you were on, not stopping because you are not controlling events as they happen, and no end in sight because you cannot see very far ahead with all the chaos swirling around. There is no choice but to take one step…then another….and another….then…

Even in the darkest times when we think things will never change and the skies will never clear, if we look we will see the hand of God working all things out for our good. The mountain may not move and the ocean we are drowning in may swirl even faster, but if we look and listen we may be able to see him in the little things…the things we would likely take for granted if we were not in such a stressful time. Small pieces of the larger puzzle falling into place as we move through: the rain through the night and rumble of thunder letting you know he is there; the morning rainbows thrown across the dark western horizon; the “love u” text from the one I share this life with; the especially satisfying Caramel Macchiato.  Nothing is a coincidence with God! It is in these times that the Good Lord changes our hearts, changes our perspectives, changes our minds. We no longer see the mountain, but the way around or over; we no longer see the swirling currents, but the hand reaching out to pull us through.

Change is a difficult process…even more so when the entire family dynamic you have become so accustomed to is what is changing. Our kids are flying the nest after nearly 20 years, one off to Michigan Tech 8 hours away and the other spreading her wings in her own way in spits and starts, dives and climbs – a true millennial to be sure. I do believe that they will both end up in the hands of a good and loving Father because I believe the Bible when it encourages us to train up a child and when they are older they will follow. I do believe my wife and I…after 22 years together will muddle through the next few months as we learn what it means to take a step back a bit from our role as parents and step into our new role in their lives of confidant, friend, fellow sojourner. Between the new jobs and new schedules, new schools and new journeys, inside the empty nest with quiet rooms…I do believe that there is a God in heaven and in our midst who is holding all things in his hands – we do not escape his notice for one moment.

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