Christian Living

Just Letting You Know He’s There

There was a bit of thunder in the air last night. Not the loud booming, roaring crashes that you might hear with a summer storm barreling through, but a gentle rumble off in the distance letting you know it’s there. As someone who loves rainy days, I very much look forward to hearing that first rumble as a storm approaches – It wakes me up and reminds me to be aware and be ready because you never know how it is going to play out. I love hearing that rumbling sound.

It wasn’t always so – as a kid thunderstorms terrified me, as they do many children. I would see the flash of lightning and hear a distant rumble and my heart would start to race as thoughts of what might happen would swirl and imaginations would take over. Up over my head the blankets would fly and with my eyelids squeezed shut as tightly as could be, I would still see the flash and know the roar was soon to follow. I would cower in my cave with my little fingers pressed so firmly into my ears that they hurt. Plugging my ears and hiding from the storm didn’t make me less afraid, just less aware. Eventually the storm would pass over and I’d drift off to sleep still hiding, hoping the danger was gone. I did not know at the time that the only way to overcome the fear was to open my eyes to see, unstop my ears to hear, and try to understand the storm and why it rages. It took a while but I learned that thunder is just noise and cannot cause any real harm and lightening can be very dangerous but, if you are protected, unlikely to hurt you. I have also learned that there can be incredible beauty in the terrible raging of a storm.

The storms of life can often make us cower and hide, cover our eyes and plug our ears. We don’t want to see what’s going on and we don’t want to hear it. Hiding feels safe and not knowing helps ease the pain. But if we do not see with our eyes and listen with our heart we will never learn the lesson that the storm often brings and will be ill equipped when the hurricanes come…and they will come. This I know – nothing comes our way unless it has gone through the hands of God first and he does not send anything our way unless he also provides a way to make it through. I’ve learned that even though the storm may have thunderous crashes, blinding lightning, swirling wind, and stinging rain, there is always a voice somewhere in the midst of all the chaos just letting me know that he’s there – I love hearing that gentle rumble…

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