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You Never Know

While the mosquitoes were quite horrible at Tahquamenon Falls, it was not a completely forgettable camping trip. I have learned over many years of camping in many different kinds of campgrounds, (sometimes no campground), that campers are at the mercy of a great many things and you have to learn to accept whatever you find. Bad bugs can be the least of problems. Weather can be a big problem! Hot weather in a tent is nearly unbearable and fans can only do so much. Wind can also be an issue especially when it is accompanied by thunder and lightning and driving rain…although the rain part doesn’t bother me so much! I have only been ‘rained out’ of camping once and that was only because our kids were still toddlers and the air mattress we had was beginning to float inside the tent! (OK…so not exactly float…but there was a lot of water coming in!) So when compared to other camping trips, Tahquamenon Falls was not so bad. (Check out Strange Lands)

While we were in the pop-up much of the time, it was good ‘family’ time and we did have a nice view of the river from our campsite to enjoy. We did find out that the bugs were worst in the morning and evening so we were able to walk the trails to the falls and get some good pictures and also share some memories and make some memories…which is always a good thing. We also did discover that copious amounts of Deep Woods Off can keep those biting critters at bay. It took each of us several showers after we got home before the aroma was gone! We were virtually swimming in the stuff! We were also surprised to see several other campers wearing ‘head nets’…which I found rather strange. Walking through the campground you’d see campers bundled from head to toe, including gloves and ball caps, with a black mesh nets over their hats and tucked neatly into their jacket chatting around campfires. You couldn’t really make out any faces so it looked rather alien from a distance and made us chuckle a bit and play a game about what they might be conspiring to do with us all…

In the words of Forrest Gump’s mom, “Life, (camping) is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” We can make our plans and have hopes and dreams about what the trip will be like and what we’d like to see and do but rarely do things actually happen the way we planned…or the way we want. That does not mean, however, that things did not happen the way they were supposed to. There is a bigger and higher plan that we are all a part of and the Good Lord works all things out for our good and his glory. It may not seem like it when our expectations are rent asunder but it is true, and it is a great comfort to know that he is in control.

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