Christian Living

Cubicle Sized Faith

I have a very small office. I have a desk with one file drawer and an overhead cabinet, one small book shelf, my office chair and 2 guest chairs. There is not much room to move around and no windows just glaring fluorescent lighting and bare walls. Kind of plain, kind of depressing, less than warm and more than claustrophobic…but it is my space. It is the space that I have been given to do my job and meet with people…and I meet with a lot of people!

I have a pretty deeply rooted faith that is not the easiest thing for me to share and not often well received in the modern-day college atmosphere. I don’t try to hide my faith, but I don’t wear it on my sleeve either and I don’t try to push it on people. If a door opens for conversation I’ll walk through it and test the boundaries. If someone with a cold shoulder to faith comes into my little space I’ll pray quietly that I can be a light that they might see while we talk about other things. Sometimes they leave in a better mood sometimes not, but whether they do or not is not up to me…I’m just there to shine.

My little corner is just one among many in the office suite. Some cubicles are bright and open with windows and others seem like dark dungeons and make you wonder what lurks within. These others are not really my concern and if I need to venture into the maze I know that there is a light within me that can dispel any darkness. Who knows, perhaps a little spark will remain after I leave their domain and brighten their space…if even for a moment. Maybe they’ll wonder why their room seemed brighter and lighter and maybe they’ll notice that same weightlessness as they walk by my little space and be drawn in. Maybe they’ll step in for a moment and chat while I quietly pray within for an opening. Perhaps they’ll want more of whatever it is they feel and realize their space does not have to be quite so dark if they’ll just let a little light start to shine in…and then shine out.

Some may say my faith is quiet and not made to move mountains or heal broken bones. I do not have scripture verses hanging on my walls or Christian music playing in the background. But there is a quality; an intangible and ineffable presence that lies within each believer and filling whatever space they are in, longing to reach out to those who are lost. As long as there is just one believer present, this faith can thunder from a mountaintop, roar in a stadium, harmonize in a sanctuary, or whisper in a storm to reach that one. It will even rest in a little cubicle hoping to quietly touch those who venture near.

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