Nine Months In…

So I am nearly 9 months in to this new blog Micah68life! 61 posts, 860 views from 409 visitors, and 40,949 words written! I know it’s not a great success, but it has been an important journey for me and I have been honored by your visits and comments and encouragement as I reach for what the Good Lord has called me to. Since some of you have not been with me the whole time, I thought it would be wise to share with you the premise for this site Micah68life in the first 3 official posts from 9 months ago. (Click the link after each to read then entire original post…)

Please also check out the links above: “About” for more about me, “Gallery” for the individual memes associated with each post, and “Contact” if you’d like to communicate in a more formal way. I’m also on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (links above) I truly appreciate the time you spend here and hope you continue to find encouragement as you read.

Do Justly

We consider justice as something doled out in payment for a wrong committed. You did this to me, so I will rightly do that to you. You steal from me…I call the police to get it back, and arrest you, and send you to jail. Justice is served. Make’s sense, doesn’t it? In a civil society this kind of justice system is necessary to keep the peace, but we often take offenses much more personally that this. You hit me…I hit back; you lie to me…I withdraw my trust; you cheat me…I call you out so no one else will be cheated by you again. These are the kinds of things I believe Micah was getting at when he encouraged us to “do justly”. The real question is, who decides what is just? Me?…You? …Do Justly

Love Mercy

We all have someone who has wronged us. Someone who has lied to us, cheated us, taken advantage of us, or hurt our feelings. You could probably think of that someone right now and it would stir up all kinds of resentment and pain and maybe even anger. You have likely even spoken the words, “I’ll forgive…but I’ll never forget!” I have too…I have been there. I have been in that place where you trust little, share little, and love even less convincing yourself that the only way to be protected from all the hurt, pain, and anger is to shut everyone out so no one will get close enough to open those wounds again. I get it…I had been stewing for nearly 20 years, rummaging through the baggage of hurts long past. The justice I had hoped for came back on me with a vengeance, leaving me angry, bitter, cold, and distant. This is what unforgiveness does… Love Mercy

Walk Humbly

There is a lot of truth here in these few small words. First, we are told to “walk” …not sit on the sidelines, not hide in fear, not run, not wander, not stand…we are to “walk”. Second, we are told to “walk with” …not ahead of or behind, not distracted or drawn aside…we are to “walk with”. Third we are told to “walk with your” …the one who has called me his own, his friend, his beloved. Fourth, we are told to “walk humbly with your God”. That for me sums up the whole idea of what it means to be a Christian. We are told to walk…Walk Humbly

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