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In my life there have been very few things that have exceeded my expectations. My wife exceeds them almost on a daily basis with her patience with me and love for me, even when I feel I have done very little to earn it. My kids amaze me each and every day with their resilience and wide-eyed wonder, filled with dreams and readiness to take on the world. The Good Lord above and the one-and-same savior in my heart with his mercy and grace and love for me has gone far beyond the realms of my expectations leaving me breathless, speechless, and in awe.

Perhaps the reason there are so few is because I have learned to set my hopes at a level that more-or-less matches what I believe will happen in an effort to avoid disappointment. I’m not saying this practice of setting low expectations is a correct way of looking at life, but failure and setbacks are not enjoyable so why reach beyond what you believe and hope for something beyond belief? Why set yourself up and stack the deck against success when things rarely go according to your plan? Why live your life in a world of hopes and dreams that could never come to pass? If you hope for a little less and expect smaller outcomes, you won’t have to reach so far and end up falling so short. I’ll fess up right here and now – I am a realist and have always been one. I see the world as it is, not how it should be. I make decisions on what I know, not on the maybe’s or what-if’s. I like order, structure, and everything in its place…


Low expectations do not challenge, and courage is not born without hope. These are not thoughts that come easy for me, but the Bible I believe tells me to believe in the unbelievable. It tells me to hope for what is unseen and that faith itself is evidence of the what we cannot see. My Bible tells me that a deluge of rain can happen from just a whiff of cloud on a far off horizon and that there are angel armies waiting in the wings to fight battles we cannot. My Bible tells me that there was a baby born in a cattle stall who grew to be a man who then marched into the depths of the earth to pay a ransom for my soul – not because he had to but because he wanted to – so I would not have to experience such horror. My Bible tells me that this same man now lives in my heart and is willing and able to work through me to accomplish great things…

…and yet, I confine him with my low expectations and little faith…

This is my prayer for all of us: that we would dare to dream big, hope much, and expect great things! That we would set a high bar, run for it with all our might, and take that leap of faith as the God of all wonders carries us up and well over the challenge. It is my prayer that we would let The Good Lord be everything we could hope for and more than we dare to expect.

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  1. You said it Erick: dream BIG! Like you, I’ve had more than my share of disappointments,hurts, and catastrophic events. Enough for several lifetimes,actually. Yet I know that unless I reach beyond my comfort zone I will never be the man that God called me to be. God stretches us in ways that can be mighty uncomfortable at times, but it is always worth the discomfort in the end.

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