Life Lessons

Nowhere Fast

Ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels? Like the whole world is moving around you while you have your pedal to the metal yet standing still? Your wheels are going faster than your mind can process so your heart becomes weary. This is often the way it feels when a change is coming – the checkered flag never seems so far away as when you round the corner and can see it with your own eyes. Time flies when you are having fun but seems to nearly stop when the moment of change is at hand.

I spent much of the day yesterday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. I have been a car buff for as long as I can remember. Not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination, but a respect for those that are, and a love for the design and aesthetics of things with wheels and the sheer sense of freedom they provide. I love to drive. I would rather take 4 days on the backroads than an hour and a half flying above them to get to any destination. Since I was in my early teens reading Motor Trend magazine (I had a subscription…) I have wanted to go to the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS).  It has been a dream for many years and this year I finally got to do it!

I was not prepared for the size of the show or the number of people that would be there. It had already been running for two weeks and we were there on the next to last day, but when we arrived at 9am there were lines of people waiting for entrance and the flow just kept growing till we left. When we entered the arena, with Mercedes on my right, Audi on the left, and Cadillac and Lincoln in front, I must say I was a bit overwhelmed. I come from small town, Upper Michigan, acres of woods and fields with nary a neighbor in sight country and am now standing in the hustle and bustle of fast cars and faster salesmen promoting their wares.  I stepped back…took a breath and a picture and then entered in.

People everywhere! Old people, young people, couples with kids in strollers, big people, little people, people of nearly every race, country, creed – all there for the love of cars. There were a lot of photographers and journalists and everyone had their phones out taking pics and snapping selfies. Security of was everywhere…on the street outside, at the entrance, at the arena doors, and milling about the show with quick eyes and subtle attention. Not once did I feel unsafe. Most of the cars were unlocked and free to open20180127_100206 doors, sit inside, and touch. Some were set up on turntables circling slowly to give a glimpse of every detail without anyone getting in the way. The Concept cars were outlandish and amazing, capturing every imagination of what the future of driving – or not driving – might look like. We happen to be Ford people so spent most of our time dreaming through their display…I was particularly captivated by this beauty…

We were there for just over two hours and, being a person who does not like large crowds, when it becomes difficult to navigate through crowds to even see what is in front of you, it was time to leave. It was an amazing experience! Next time I will be more prepared, less overwhelmed, more able to step out of the environment and focus on what is right in front of me relegating the chaos to mere background noise. This is the secret to getting somewhere on time: take your foot off the accelerator; loosen your grip on the wheel a bit; relax, breathe, focus. Open your eyes…see the prize…move ahead as the Spirit leads. There is a God in heaven and in our hearts who knows the right path for you to the checkered flag and screeching up a cloud of burning rubber will not get you there any faster. Focus on what you can do in the right here and now…then the next moment…and then next. He is a lamp unto our feet – not a searchlight into the unknown.

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