Christian Living

What We Know

There is so much we do not know…so much we do not understand. I wish I could sit here on December 30th, 2017 and tell you what 2018 would look like. I could make some guesses, but that is the best I could do…that is the best any of us can really do…

We are given a very short-range of view. We cannot see through objects or around corners. We cannot fathom the depths of another’s thoughts or motivations. We do not have control over the weather, the seasons, or time. We are bound by our senses and even then, only by what comes near enough for them to pick up. I see light in the morning, so I know the sun is rising and day is beginning. I hear a rumble in the distance, so I know a storm is brewing. I catch a whiff of stink in the morning and I believe a skunk met its demise and possibly spring is not too far away. I have been proven wrong again and again when I think I know what a person wants to talk about, only to be taken by surprise with another big announcement or new opportunity or change of plans.  I have tasted bitter what smelled sweet and seen beauty in the ugliest of places. What it all comes down to is…we just do not know…we guess.

Even with all these unknowns, we are not left blind and dumb. There are answers to be found in a Book we have been given. Not necessarily answers about which shoe to put on first or what to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But signposts or signals about how to respond to circumstances and react to situations. We are encouraged to be a light…and shine; to speak the truth…in love; to stand…when all else has been tried; to give without return, love without expectation, and believe without seeing. We are told to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. I do not believe there is a more appropriate challenge for the beginning of a new year than to resolve to use the Bible as the standard by which we live and the light by which we see.

I’m sure this will be no easy task. We are so used to trying to figure things out on our own in our own limited understanding and knowledge. I am guilty of using my Bible mainly as a reference guide used only when I need to back something up that I want to believe, looking for those passages that will reinforce that belief…never challenge it. Insert citation and include reference at the end – (just being honest here…I don’t think I’m alone…). We can all do better…should be better examples to the world of how to live the Christian life. I for one will try…will you join me?

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